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Introducing the Hammerwich Music School newsletter

Are you considering taking up music lessons and would like a little insight into what life is like at my music school in Staffordshire? The Hammerwich Music School newsletter is designed to keep you up-to-date with all the latest news. If you are a current pupil, you will find lots of useful information about timetables, class bookings and much more!

I hope you have all had a good break and are ready to have FUN (!) playing your instruments. Thank you to all who very kindly brought me a Christmas gift.


Lots of new developments are beginning to take place, I now have a web page and newsletters will appear on this as the year goes on, including term dates so you can easily assess information. No pupil’s names will appear unless you have been asked and have given permission as it is in the public domain.

Another year of 100% pass rate in exams, Congratulations to all those pupils who have taken an exam in 2013! See here for exam results.


Please remember at any time you can ring or text me about any information or issue.

Lesson fees stay the same this term, but please can I remind you that in accepting lessons you agree to give one clear day notice when cancelling lessons. So if you have a lesson at 7pm on Wednesday, I really need to know late Monday evening, as you know my practice is very busy and things happen so I can help everyone, I need time to react. If cancelling late because of illness a makeup lesson will be found over the next week. Please only change lesson time or cancel by phone.

Hello and welcome back to the new term and New Year of 2017

Gill Eccles

If you any questions about topics covered in this newsletter, please call me today:

 01543 222 652

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